Adolescent School Based Treatment

Outpatient treatment is provided at 31 different high, middle and charter schools throughout Hawai’i Island. We utilize an innovative treatment approach to substance abuse prevention, education and treatment.


Adolescent Community Based Treatment

Intensive Outpatient treatment is provided to adolescents in East Hawai‘i. This service takes substance abuse treatment to the next level giving adolescents the skills to participate in activities that are beneficial to them and the larger community as well as live a clean and sober lifestyle.

“BISAC really helps me cope so that I choose not to do drugs when I’m stressed out. They also help me interact with my peers so we get along better.”


“I feel like BISAC has been very flexible and helpful in assisting our mutual clients. I have been provided feedback regarding students on a regular basis. I feel that there are fantastic opportunities provided to students that would not be experienced without our BISAC counselors.”