BISAC is committed to providing support and training to assist individuals in attaining skills in assessment, intervention and various aspects of professional development. Our programs focus on a practitioner scholar model (clinical practice).

The Licensure Candidacy/Internship program is a supportive program that provides guidance for individuals seeking supervised hours for licensure and/or internship. The Clinical Supervision program is based on monitoring and ensuring client well-being. Supervisees are monitored and evaluated to measure competence in the field. They are provided support to enhance their personal and professional growth as well as to develop and guide their professional practices.

For more information please call (808) 969-9994.


“BISAC believes it is important to not only serve our clients in need, but to also provide the support and training to people in our community with a passion and desire to help others.  By providing paths to licensure and opportunities to gain work experience, BISAC is helping increase the support network for our community.”

— Dr. Hannah Preston-Pita, CEO BISAC