BISAC, under the name of Hawai‘i Island Health and Wellness Center, provides behavioral and mental health services addressing a wide range of issues. Licensed therapists use Evidence-Based therapies to focus on issues such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, parenting, adjustment concerns, weight management, smoking cessation, anger management, and sleep difficulties.

Our providers empower clients to identify, understand, and reclaim their lives. When symptoms interfere with daily life and normal functioning, triggering distress for the individual and/or their loved ones, help is here. Our Providers are here to support you and your loved ones. It is as simple as a phone call. Services are confidential, client centered, and convenient.

Services Provided:

• Treatment of Adults
• Adolescents and Children (Kea`au)
• Individual Therapy
• Group, Couple’s and Family Therapy (Kea`au)
• Management of: anxiety, depression, stress, weight, grief & loss, chronic illness, chronic pain, etc.
• Assistance with: life changes, interpersonal relationships, parenting, substance abuse,
domestic violence, anger management, smoking cessation, trauma, coping with disasters, etc.


Call: (808) 935-0077  (Kea`au)        (808) 854-2837  (Hilo)

“I am so appreciative to be in BISAC it is a wonderful treatment program. The staff is really great, kind, and seems to be genuinely concerned with my recovery. Thank you so much for everything I love how my therapist helps me to control all my emotions and feelings.”


“Therapy, I found, really helps for my grandchildren. They seem to have a better outlook on life.”