Treatment Programs

Our Therapeutic Living Program (TLP) for men provides the planned, supportive structure of a 24-hour staffed facility providing ongoing evaluation, care, life skills training, self-help, encouragement, transportation to social activities and therapeutic services. There is also a specialized TLP program for Pregnant, Parenting, Women and Children (PPWC) program that provides a variety of case management and treatment services focused on women with children in order to ensure the wellbeing of the mother and to establish a safe, solid and nurturing foundation for the children to grow. The Clean and Sober Program serves as an interim placement between treatment and transition. Both men and women’s programs are supported by a house manager. Clients are expected to attend meetings, seek jobs, and take the appropriate steps to transitioning back into society.


Culinary Program

Having a purpose and feeling productive can make all the difference. The Culinary Program allows Therapeutic Living Program clients gain valuable professional job training skills and experience in a supportive environment by participating in planning, preparing and serving unique island cuisine through BISAC’s INSPIRE Catering service.


Parent Child Education (STEPS)

Being a parent can be challenging and stressful. The STEPS program is provided exclusively for the Pregnant and Parenting Women and Dependent Children Therapeutic Living Program (PPWDC TLP), its main objective, to provide compassionate and helpful information that will assist clients in being the best parents they can be. Clients in STEPS are encouraged to understand their children better through education on child developmental steps as well as helpful discipline techniques and communication tools.


Family Education

Family is important to Health. Family Education is a program provided to our Therapeutic Living Program participants and their families, helping families understand the struggles of an individual seeking substance abuse treatment and supporting the families in providing a nurturing environment upon their loved ones return into the family once treatment is complete.

“BISAC has been great help in my recovery and sometimes I tell myself – “Why is it that it took me so long to come to treatment?” BISAC is a stepping-stone in my life today, thanks you guys so much. The biggest thing that helps me is, how I learned from you guys about identifying my problems, solving it and then getting through it, which makes me feel much, much better. Thank you all. I really appreciate it and for all of this I will keep coming back because it works if you work it and honestly it’s working right now. Thanks to my higher power and to BISAC.”